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What the doctor said

Throughout the pandemic I have heard very little from doctors on the coal face on how grave the situation is.

This is a question I posed to the doctor who gave me a thorough medical yesterday.

He said there was far too much ill-informed hype.

There were some 70,000 illnesses out there of which Covid is just one.

He deplored the present less active treatment of serious cancers as resources are deployed on Covid.

He also was concerned by human right issues.  He did not argue with my contention that this is the first time a government has taken such a hands-on policy to health and this was better left to individual choice.

He said the virus was fragile and in the open air was far less contagious.

He advised that opening a window in a taxi to create a draught is more effective than the wearing of a mask.

He was confident within months a vaccine would be found.

In matters of medicine I tend to defer to my late father as he was a highly-skilled doctor.  I now appreciate that since he retired from all practice some 20 years ago advances have been made.

In terms of medication, treatment, awareness medicine and health are not static and a good doctor such as I saw is abreast of these


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