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And so it has come to this …

Never mind the entire from-start-to-finish Brexit horlicks;

The original 2016 (“once in a generation”) EU Referendum, the result of which the Government promised in advance to implement;

The allegations that the Leave campaign, or part of it, breached Electoral Commission finding/spending rules and/or that the Government spent £7 million providing every UK household with a supposed public service leaflet on “The Facts” that amounted to nothing more than a Remainer ‘Project Fear’ rant;

The ‘lies’ that every Leave politician and/or speaker peddled at every public meeting or media performance and, of course, the “Let’s save the £350 million we pay the EU every week and instead spend it on the NHS” advertisement on the side of a Leaver bus;

The Remainer lines that there should now be a Peoples Vote (or Second Referendum) in which ‘Remain’ should absolutely be one of the options because (1) ‘everyone is entitled to change their mind’, (2) there are now over a million more young people who, having passed the age of 18, have become entitled to vote since the summer of 2016, (3) at the time people generally were totally uniformed about what Leaving would involve, how complicated it would all become and how poor any deal negotiated with the EU would prove to be; and, of course, (4) all Leavers were/are so thick, racist, sexist, fat, ill-informed, misinformed, deluded, easy to dupe, misguided, old, nostalgic for an imagined halcyon past that in fact never existed, drunk or drug-addled – whereas in contrast Remainers have always had a direct line to (and know) the truth – that, frankly, anyone who considered voting for Leave should be automatically removed from the Electoral Register and leave “we who know better” to decide every aspect of UK government policy for all time;

The fact that the Parliament not only voted comprehensively to hold an EU “In or Out” Referendum in 2016 and implement the result and then trigger Article 50 to declare the UK’s departure from the EU and enact a two-year Leaving ‘negotiation’ period;

The fact that two-thirds of the 650 MPs currently in the House of Commons are either active rabid Remainers or at least Remain-sympathisers and have tried at every turn to thwart, trip up, delay, complicate and cock-up the process of the UK leaving the EU (with or without a deal) in the hope that somehow someone can come up with a ruse whereby the UK remains in the EU;

We have at least reached the position where Remainers are now complaining that there may well be no viable ‘Remain-supporting’ Party fielding candidates in the EU’s next round of MEP elections this summer that they can support – see here for a piece on the issue, as penned by columnist Nick Cohen, as appears today upon the website of – THE GUARDIAN





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