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Who cares?

I  have titled this post “ who cares?’ as it will be two words applied in it.   My first target is Clive Tyldesley .   He is a football commentator for whom I have never cared as he is full of verbiage  .   When he delivered  his self obsessed rant after being demoted to ITV’s number two I was pleased   .   Last night he was back for Denmark v Belgium   He clearly planned in advance that the story was Christian Eriksen’s near death experience  .   Graeme Souness- himself a heart attack victim – made the point that the Rust made that having a cardiac arrest in soccer stadium is considerably better than in your hotel and indeed exertion was not the cause   .     Another international in the Danish ladies football team gave a fluent and moving account on what it meant to their team   . Tyldesley’s input ?  He and his wife went on a CPR course and so should you. Who cares, Clive either about your career or the courses you enrol?

Generally I prefer the BBC commentators   .    For the dull Austria v Netherlands game , Gary Lineker in yet another set of specs to promote his new line advanced the argument that strikers who elects to shoot rather than pass are  not selfish as the odds of scoring are higher as the pass can go wrong or the other striker miss   . I do not see this argument and a better one is to admit that selfishness denotes self confidence , neither of which is Lineker short of . But who cares?

On a different tack,  I watched the Ascot Gold cup. Any sporting event that majors on hats does not float ny boat   Added to this horse racing is one of the hardest sports to follow as most of the action is out of eyeshot   .  For the Gold Cup Frankie Dettori was on board the firm favourite and three time winner Stradivarius   . As I know his  trainer John Gosden as his wife Rachel was at uni with me , I could not adopt the Pargie strategy of backing against the favourite.     Stradivarius hardly featured as Dettori took the wrong line and was boxed in .    To quote the memorable phrase of Sir Geoffrey Boycott : “ he tookthe Bakerloo when he should have taken the Piccadilly   “ . However in the post mortem the winner Subjectivist  was lauded for holding off all contenders but  I heard no anaylsis of Dettori’s ride. Presumably no one cares




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