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“You ought to check it out”

A familiar subject on the Rust is health for the senior citizen.

One of my colleagues posted about a spidery mark on his forehead which when checked by a dermatologist proved to be nothing sinister.

I had a similar issue with my calf and foot which have been swelling.

It causes neither discomfort nor pain but various well-intentioned friends and indeed a physiotherapist suggested that I get it looked at “to be on the safe side”.

This was delayed by Covid as I judged it more dangerous to visit the doctor than to have it treated.

Yesterday being my annual medical, the doctor duly examined the area and confirmed there was no major issue but it might lead to ulceration.

Almost on a daily basis we have to make informed decisions whether a symptom is dangerous.

I am mindful of one of my best friends who missed his annual medical and had a skin condition on his hands. It turned out to be Bucklers syndrome a condition associated with oesophageal cancer.

By then it was too late and after two years of a brave and selfless fight he passed. The irony is that my friend, throughout his successful life, invariably showed nous, common sense and judgment in business and financial matters.

Coming from a medical family and possessing above average knowledge of health issues, I tend to take these things seriously but work on the philosophy that if you feel alright and there are no symptoms then leave well alone.

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A doctor formerly specialising in sexual health, Oliver has written widely on matters relating to sex, relationships and counselling. He is divorced and has one daughter. He is a keen skier and mountain biker. More Posts