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Another fine mess

The problem with the 21st Century ‘Fake New’ era – or is that’s there’s always been fake news but we ‘right thinking’ people’ (and by that I don’t mean ‘Right wing’ people) kidded ourselves that that the BBC reports the world impartially as it really is? – is that nobody knows anymore whether anything we read or hear in the media is real.

Here’s a link to a piece by Joe Watts that appears today upon the website of – THE INDEPENDENT

Come on guys, let’s not beat about the bush. If you ever asked 100 people whether the British Government is ever right to take military action, a penny to a pound says that 95% would prefer that they didn’t. It’s a no-brainer. But to suggest that, because that’s the case, the British Government might never be justified in taking military action is baloney.

On that basis, if tomorrow morning the Russians were to begin a D-Day Landing equivalent at Pevensey Bay in East Sussex, are we saying that Jeremy Corbyn would demand a free vote in the House of Commons and then demand we await the conclusions of an investigation by a UN commission before Britain’s armed forces were permitted to unlock their weapons store (if they could even find it) and begin falling into line under the command of 2018’s equivalent of Captain Mainwaring?

And are we going to have a referendum every time the Government wishes act upon any major piece of public policy?

Because if we are, we’d better be careful what we wish for.

Imagine the chaos.

There’s a decent chance that – if it was left to a public vote – capital punishment might soon be reintroduced for everything from treason down to nicking a bar of chocolate from an Aldi supermarket.

Just think of the ‘efficiency’ of it! We could save a whole stack of taxpayers’ money by doing away with featherbedded prisons filled with miscreants enjoying Sky TV multi-channel packages, three-course meals and all the alcohol and cigars they can handle.

We could simply set up bare-walled Nissen huts within five minutes’ walk from every Crown Court in the land and simply hang the blighters in job lots.

Job done.

You know what I think?

I blame the hapless David Cameron for being stupid enough to inadvertently expose the paper-thin divide between civilised Establishment (‘we know best’) political thinking in this country … and the world as it really is … by hatching the cack-handed plan to commit to an EU Referendum, which of course the House of Commons then endorsed because there was barely a man-jack – let alone woman-jack – amongst them that ever contemplated the unthinkable (i.e. that the great mass of the Unwashed out there might just come up with the ‘wrong’ result).

Strap yourselves in, people – it’s going to be a bumpy ride …


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