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TEFAF Maasricht

The great and the the good of the art world have  beeb gathering in the pretty Dutch town of Maastricht, once the battleground for the ancient Tory Brexiteers – for TEFAF, an art convention of dealers.

One of the talking points will be the indictment of Jonathan Green of the Green art dealing family for money laundering a Picasso sale.

He fell prey to a FBI entrapment.

In fact Richard Green and his family have an unblemished if expensive reputation.

This what happens in an unregulated market with a lot of cash swirling about.

A Picasso represents a gilt edged investment likes town house in Chelsea or New York as well a status  symbol. Prices for a Pete Doig will be similarly stratospheric. There will be a few dealers who will be thinking “There but for the grace of God go I …”

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