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A la Colthard /Sanary memory

We all left Sanary yesterday evening with positive memories. We particularly liked the hotel, La Farandole. A modern construction of stone overlooking the beach, la Gorgette, between Sanary and Bandol it had lovely views over the bay.

Roodyn4My room with plate glass windows looking out to sea, cream tiles and black and white photos of film stars Ronald Reagan and Claudia Cardinale was airy and spacious with an outside terrace. The cuisine did not quite match the room.

The service was particularly helpful and friendly. They had a small staff which had to double up. Thus the pretty young girl at reception that caught Bob’s eye slipped out of her more formal attire for a black cocktail dress to do the evening waitressing.

We had a long lunch over looking the beach.

Roodyn5The fish soup could have been warmer and they brought beef when I ordered magnet de canard but the ambience and service were so appealing that I could not bring myself to complain.

The wines of Bandol were particularly acclaimed, especially the Roses though we enjoyed the white Galatin. The Miravel rose prodcued in a vineyard owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is well known but lesser known Chateau de Pibanon prodcues first class rose wines.

The best meal we had and one of the best so far was at the Restaurant of the Hotel de la Tour.

The speciality is fish baked in salt and the daily catch was maigre, a white fish of which I have not heard but flavoursome for the crustacea they devour. It’s a tastier version of bream and totally delicious. Sadly there were works in the port and we were denied a view. There were several large tables of French families lunching and we noticed how well behaved the toddlers were at table.

Bandol and Sanary are popular with the Marseillais. It’s a car journey of less than hour and a easy to access.

I am surprised that less Brits seeking a more affordable coastal holiday in Provence rather than the more expensive coastline of Alpes Maritimes have not discovered it as literati Aldous Huxley, Cyril Connolly and Sybille Bedford did.

Our confidence in state railways was shattered by the journey home.

The train crawled along the coast and was 30 minutes late, the toilet door was stuck, at the bar the assistant’s cash and card machine did not function and our hope of an evening meal with Michel broken. We met for a coffee. He is not a Macron fan, saying you cannot trust a man that marries his ex-teacher 20 years his senior. I never criticise a cougar myself especially if she is going got be the next President’s wife!!!

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