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A la Colthard/Marbella Club Hotel

To Marbella with Bob Tickler for the wedding of one of his best friend’s sons. These overseas wedding celebrations are a millennial thing: those who put experiencing life at a premium and at a wedding celebration including travel abroad to a hot destination.

After his budget airline experience there was no way Bob was going to repeat this so we travelled BA Club Europe. Security was negotiated without incident and it was not long before he was on board quaffing champagne and guzzling a cheese and chive omelette.

I had stayed at the Marbella Club years ago in when I had the figure to attract a few eyes -male and female – by the pool!!!!

It was the go to place of the very rich then and you still need to be.

Readers will know how much I appreciate a good greeting on arrival.

Here we were proffered champagne and the staff could have not been more efficient. As my room was not ready we joined some friends going to the wedding with whom we travelled for lunch at their restaurant by the sea.

I’m more than partial to gazpacho and this was one of the best I have ever tasted. I followed this with paella, again very good. An early start and a few sangrias and roses before and during and slumber was a-calling. My huge room was well-appointed with a terrace too and before long I was in the land of nod.

The dress code for the pre-wedding celebration was beach wear and Bob cut a dash – albeit a portly one – in a floral shirt and pink shorts.

Unfortunately shorts were not permitted in the Marbella bar and he was turned away.

Eventually, sporting flannels, he was re-admitted and we enjoyed our drinks in the soft night air accompanied by a crooner singling Frank Sinatra numbers. The noise of the bride and groom’s party in a beach bar along the coast was something of a contrast. Of course it’s their party for their friends not the old farts.

At eleven we made our excuses and left. The guests were therefore not treated to Bob “Snakehips” Tickler strutting his stuff!

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