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A la Colthard /The Ram Inn at Firle

I differ from some of my fellow reviewers as I do not cover the latest restaurant opening but rather have my faves and non-faves which I update. One of these faves is the Ram Inn at Firle on the A27 near Lewes and not far from Glynedebourne.

It has a rambling garden, cosy interior and reliable and inexpensive food, I have a regular lunch with an old chum who lives in West Sussex, Petworth way, normally at the Bridge Inn, Amberley or the George at Burpham both near Arundel.

It was my turn and I suggested the Ram nearer me. We went there yesterday.

He recommended table 5 which I duly booked. Although I like the garden it was simply too hot out there.

I ordered a spicy potted crab which was too sharp and a double cooked pork belly which was rather dry.

He had water and I a pint of the local brew. I had a taxi collect me at 2-15 . We were making good time with mains completed at 1-15.

Then the problems arose.

We could not find any sign of the waitress and by the time we did and ordered our deserts it was so close to 2-15 that we both had to leave. I woofed down my blackcurrants sorbet and cheese cake !!! I can only guess that as they did not take that many bookings they had underestimated the number of waitresses and kitchen staff.

I noticed a round table at which a gentleman held forth and his topics of conversation seemed to follow ours.

My chum and I tend to speak of the arts, our latest reading, theatre , films and operas and he followed suit. He made some comment about me eating both deserts which I didn’t appreciate.

All in all an unsatisfactory gastronomic experience. Not enough to knock off the Ram from my list but to downgrade the place.

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