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A new experience

Yesterday I did something I have never done before though thousands of people have. I went to a DIY store. I always like the joke observation of comedian Jackie Mason:

A Jew can put together 7 companies profitably but cannot assemble a hoover.

The purpose of the trip was to purchase some cheap flat pack storage units for the garage now bereft of a car. I went with Jack my handyman. There were row after row of household items: paint, taps, all manner of fittings.

I would not know where to start or how to finish as Jack was going to identify and assemble them.

Businesses however do interest me. How do fitted kitchen design shops make any money as they occupy a huge space with rent, service charges and business rates and never seem full of customers?

I can now see. Our units came to £400 so – with a high spec and designer – the mark up must be enormous.

I decided to absent myself as Jack assembled the items. With a grey work top on top I thought the end product was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Any hopes I had of more lebensraum or a jacuzzi and roller disco evaporated as the storage space was soon swallowed up.

It’s amazing how much detritus and clutter one gathers not so much in a lifetime but in a year. Items I may never use like a bamboo steamer were put away.

Then you reach the tipping point of having better things to do and adjourn the project for a rainy day which may never happen.

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