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Adieu NIce

Yesterday the final remnants of the Rust party left Nice. It was a sad adieu as the apartment we rent may not be rentable again though Le gardien Frank doubted whether it actually was to be sold.

Our fourth year in Nice supported the theory of diminishing returns.

We have visited all Nice had to offer. Polly noted the air purity was poor with flights over the bay and the fumes of traffic on the busy coastal road. We all noticed how noisy it was.

There was a lack of tourist care that was more rude than awkward. There is both an arrogance and rigidity but also a huge sense of style that will ensure the Riviera’s ongoing popularity.

President Macron looks unable to deliver the reforms necessary and is highly unpopular. Europe has shifted to a form of right wing populism, the extreme right Vox party in Spain’s recent election gained 24 seats as the orthodox right crumbled.

The same might happen here.

The French are as confused by Brexit as we are. In one of the many ironies Brexiteers predicted the break up of the EU but Brexit has been the single greatest issue and possible cause of this since its inception.

An Englishman Sir James Radcliffe who is resident of Cap Ferrat wants to acquire OGC Nice.

The mayor of Nice Christian Escrosi, whilst not exactly intervening, has held a meeting with Ratcliffe’s representatives and the existing American/Chinese owners.

Next year Nice hosts the first day of the Tour de France, Le Grand Depart . It was ours yesterday.

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