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Amsterdam Bound

When Alice Mansfield informed us she was off to Amsterdam to see the Rembrandt Exhibition at the Rijskmuseum she soon found ready takers with Daffers, Bob Tickler and myself.

I was left to deal with the travel arrangements and sitting on board a BA flight and being informed there is an hour and half delay in take-off because of low cloud in Amsterdam I rather wished I went for the direct Eurostar train.

It’s few years since I last visited Amsterdam.

It’s more than tolerant attitude to sex and soft drugs made it a popular venue in the sixties but personally I found it a scruffy city. With Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Vermeern, Hals and van Dyck there is no doubting its art credentials and as our sports desk pointed out football is on the rise within the resurgence of Ajax.

The Anne Frank museum made an impact on me for its sad simplicity and the canals have led it to be called “the Venice of the North”, or was that Bruges?

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