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Another milestone on the road back to where we were?

This is an important day.

At some point the Prime Minister is going to formally announce his heavily-leaked “road map” by which the UK will gradually emerge from Covid-19 Lockdown 3 and ascend to the sunny uplands of its post-Brexit prosperity and world domination.

Or possible not.

Overnight I spotted this report by Mark Nichol, Defence Editor, upon a plea from four of our most senior generals that cutting our military manpower to 72,000 or below – as appears to be the latest plan being imposed upon the Ministry of Defence – will reduce us to a minnow nation in terms of prestige and military influence; see here, as appears today upon the website of the – DAILY MAIL

Meanwhile it seems that Boris’s creative powers have gone into overdrive.

Having first publicly floated a proposal for a bridge linking Northern Ireland with Scotland, apparently he’s now gone a couple of notches better by now suggested a bigger scheme involving a tunnel linking everywhere but Wales which will necessarily involve a giant underwater roundabout being built around the Isle of Man.

See here for a link to an article on the scheme by Jack Beresford as appears overnight upon the website of the – IRISH POST

Elsewhere I wonder if I am the only person alive who’s not particularly interested in the latest developments in the Harry-and-Meghan story since their decision to resign from the apparently restrictive, oxygen-deficient, confines of membership of the Royal Family?

It seems to me that “one of us, good bloke” Harry is rapidly spending the public credit he amassed as a “representative voice of youth” and the founder of the Invictus Games and similar.

For me, judging by what I’ve seen and heard of the Sussex’s brand of “wokedom” musings on life, climate control (and the like) since they began exercising their right to “serve” the world as they would wish, it’s all going to end up rather time-limited, not least because in another three years or so Harry will be forty and fast disappearing over the horizon as far as any relevance to younger generations in concerned.

As for where we’re going as regarding the pandemic – based purely upon my drive up the M40 yesterday in order to visit my five month old grandson for the first time in a while (as my daughter told me is allowed because I qualify as a member of a “family support bubble”) – it would seem that a large proportion of the population has already abandoned strict observance of whatever the Government’s advice/rules currently are and returned (with due reference to considering public health risks on a day-to-day basis) to something like “carrying on as normal as we did before”.



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