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Astrology matters?

It’s fair to say that this is not only my first post on astrology but that of any Rust correspondent.

It came about when Alice Mansfield and I had a conversation in which I asserted art was a poor investment. In response she recommended the Waldy and Bendy podcast.

I liken a podcast to being stuck with the pub bore as you are obliged to hear his/her views.

Nonetheless I listened to one which began with Bendor Grosvenor outlining the traits of Capricorn, the star sign of Walemar Janusczak.

I’m no believer in this art – or is it a science? – nor someone like Nancy Reagan who was influenced by her astrologer, but I researched more.

Capricorns are loyal, diligent, practical in many cases have fine complexions, listeners – in short all the qualities of my p/a Polly.

I thought “Hold on, it’s one of 12 signs which means there are 5 million Capricorns in the UK alone”.

Then I thought of other Capricorns like my late father. He certainly had some of these qualities as he was a very good listener.

I extended my field of research to a German friend Gretchen who is a Virgo.

Their essential feature is hard work and boy, does this girl work hard.

Germany was rebuilt after the war by the Trummelfrauen (dust women), so called as – brick by brick – they constructed the modern Germany out of the rubble.

My start sign is Aries and my cleaner, who is also one, said I’m impulsive which I accept.

So maybe there is more to this than my cynical mind acknowledges.

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