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Better than I could say it, perhaps – or better from her than me?

I’m not proud – I’m always happy to admit inferiority when I see and accept it!

From time to time on the pages of this organ I have waxed lyrical about the ridiculous aspects of  the “womens’ equal pay” campaign as exhibited inside organisations such at the woke-driven BBC.

My simple point springs from the eternal truth – in capitalism or indeed any other economic system – that one is only ever worth to an employer what one can persuade them to pay for one’s efforts.

The notion of female BBC presenters or reporters looking around the Corporation and spotting an A-List male equivalent who is revealed to be earning 50% or even 100% more than them … and then being justified in claiming that they should be paid similar is fatuous.

It would be like me kicking a football playing in a left back position for my local park soccer team and then claiming – because there’s a cove in a Premier League team (or even the England one) being paid as much as £250,000 per week to play in the same position – that I should also be paid £250,00 per week!

Some Rusters might therefore like to follow the link I provide here to a piece by Amanda Platell that appears today upon the website of the – DAILY MAIL

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