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Black market in white goods

The great comedian Jackie Mason many of whose best jokes were observations of Jewish people once remarked:

A Jew can put 7 companies together but cannot assemble a hoover …

How true I thought.

I took delivery of a flat pack bookcase last week and its assembly was beyond me.

I sat down with the instructions but rapidly became confused as the sections of wood looked the same, some of which carried up to 3 numbers so the instructions were hard to follow.

I admitted defeat and yesterday a handyman came round and assembled it in 15 minutes.

He also had an attempt to repair the stacking rack of my Miele fridge.

A Miele is the Rolls Royce of fridges but my model once had a fault in the electronic “dashboard” and was inoperable for a week.

In voicing my complaint I was given by way of compensation a measly voucher for £25 for their products which I had to access their website to claim.

Now a whole rack section has come away.

Conversation turned to marque fridges.

The handyman told me that there is market in reconstituting old high-end fridges which the consumer no longer wants.

The wily fridge consultant may even charge for its removal and then rebuild it.

The handyman continued that one well-know brand only bears its name but the actual parts are from an inferior one.

It’s amazing what one learns and what is not in the media.

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