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British Gas/ parts 4 and 5

I honestly thought I would not be boring you on the ongoing saga of British Gas and that after the appointment was made yesterday morning for an electrician to repair the damage to circuitry they caused that would be the end of the affair. I had severely underestimated their gross inefficiency. At midday I was called to say that it was now an afternoon call out between 1-6. This meant the time I had waited abortively for British Gas was now already 10 hours and counting. No precise time slot could be allocated but the dispatch lady thought around 3 pm. When I complained about the service I was told it was nothing to do with her. ‘Who pays your wages then , the Pope? ‘ I enquired. Avoiding responsibility and having an expensive campaign are two areas where British Gas are strong.

phoneBy 3-40 of the electrician there was no sign. I called the office to be informed he had been dispatched. At 4 the installer Max by name called from Five Guys restaurant- don’t let a disappointed customer get in the way of your appetite. Max was a boiler man and could not deal with an electrical problem but this was not of course his fault. Finally I blew a gasket. The result was Max would accept responsibility and Max said he would deem it an emergency so that a man could be sent out that evening. I explained that having now been incarcerated for 9 hours in my home I had other plans which did not involve dedicating my waking hours to British Gas. The new installer called saying he could come round within 30 minutes with his child or 2 hours without him. I told him to come tomorrow . I have by now realised that for British Gas the 2 hour period is not the same as your and mine. It probably means 4. So 5 appointments on, 2 of my own people that have looked at it at my cost and 15 hours of abortive waiting in time I still have damage to the circuitry.

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