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British Gas saga ( part two)


My father had a wonderful phrase to describe a dashboard of the motor cars which he liked to trade every two years: “It’s got the mug’s eyeful”

I cannot think of better description of the smart meter whose most useful feature is the clock and has many of which I am unaware and even more I will never use. I received a text from British Gas informing me that an appointment had been made today to look at the installation between 12-6 pm. This is not a time when I am normally at home but happily I am. My odd job man, the third to look at the problem, informed that as the whole socket is blown there is some possibility of circuitry damage. This is ironic as the British Gas installer made me sign a safety report that as there were no transparent panels in the boiler there was a health and safety issue but not to worry about it. I won’t.

The whole exercise of replacing a key with a smart meter had led me to the conclusion that it’s a victory of marketing over service.

eastjet9As I waited for a delivery yesterday that tied me up all afternoon I went online with some trepidation as Polly was due later to book some EasyJet airline tickets. My EasyJet plus card at hand to enjoy the benefit of extra legroom seat at no cost ,when it came to check out there was no facility to avoid the extra payment though the site informed me there was. Perhaps it was because I went for extra, extra legroom but once again I felt I have been duped into buying something of little value. I complained to Polly who said modern European air travel required a rethink by me as it’s like taking public transport, something not that expensive but which has to be endured in the absence of any viable alternative.

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