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Bye bye Grenada

It hardly seems a week ago that I posted on our aspirations for Grenada. These were more than met. The location, amenities and staff at the Spice Island Beach Resort were all superb.

Though we only left the hotel twice, we felt we had experienced the island, particularly the Caribbean fusion cuisine and the warmth and hospitality of owner Sir Royston Hopkin. On the shuttle to his home my neighbour said the Sugar Beach resort at St Lucia, to where many were traveling onto for the cricket, was on a different level. Having never been there I cannot say but intuitively I’m not attracted to the last word in luxury if it does not reflect the culture and character of the island.

More pertinent criticisms of our trip were the intrusion of birds in the hotel restaurant, the choice of Caribbean music every night as in my opinion nothing can destroy a melody better than a noisy steel band and the ten hour flight on British Airways.

It’s Club World is roughly the standard of Economy 40 years ago and it’s fallen way behind Virgin.

Still, back here, I do miss my early morning dip in the turquoise sea on the picture post card perfect Gran Anse beach, breakfast of tropical fruit and nutmeg yoghurt and an idyllic day interspersed by terrific meals.

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