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Churches hotel and fine dining

We arrived at out hotel Due Torri (two towers) at 12-30. It was too early to check in so most of the party went to its fifth floor to enjoy the panoramic view and eat.

The party is still finding its feet. One elderly lady at our table confessed she had difficulty in finding her words and with memory.

Another helped her settle the bill. Another spirited lady from New York turned out to be a professional harpsichordist.

There is both a tour leader anal academic guide.

The latter took us after lunch on a curated visit to a church in the same square as the hotel called St Anastasia. This Italian gothic church housed a fresco by the important artist Pirandello St George and the Princess unfortunately so badly positioned you could only see it via the video below.

Back to the hotel which was in the grand style Italians do rather well. The tour leader organised drinks and nibbles back on the panoramic fifth floor. She was an expert on wine informing us that we were drinking fine prosecco from the region.

Dinner was taken at the Osteria Verona Antica. The temperature was still in the mid-30s and we all enjoyed eating out in the open. The tour leader ensured we drank some fine Soave and a Valpoicella called Ripasto. Conversation flowed easily enough at our table. The lady next to me firmly identified herself as a Brexiteeer but politics were generally avoided.

I will leave Daffers to review the restaurant.

Despite the temporary loss of Bob’s iPad and his sun cream exploding in his case, we all enjoyed and appreciated our first day in Verona.

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