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Confusion grows as time goes by

In terms of the fundamental conflict between what has made the human race tick since pre-history (not least naked common sense) on the one hand – and the fashionable crackpot ‘woke’ concerns increasingly being taken up by campaigning members of what is known as ‘Generation Z’ currently dominating social media headlines on the other – anyone over the age of fifty might be forgiven for thinking that the world is going slowly mad.

Writing as someone who, if I get there, will enter my eighth decade later this year I have practically reached the stage where I have ceased caring!

Let me give a few examples:


Although evolution and new technological developments are undoubtably inevitable this does not necessarily mean that – as night follows day – every one of them will be positive, worthwhile and helpful.

I’d argue that cycles and electrified scooters, which in prospect were both potentially time and energy saving for human beings in terms of getting about, have now become serious blights upon the planet.

On Friday last week, on my way to travel up the M40, I happened to drive northwards over Kew Bridge towards Hangar Lane.

Quite why the traffic in west London at the time (1.00pm) was so heavy I know not, but sitting grid-locked upon the bridge gave me the opportunity to observe a classic example of why cycles should be banned altogether and/or those who ride them licenced.

To my right I saw a number of pedestrians innocently going about their everyday business on the pavement – perhaps ten to fifteen of them walking and two gentlemen jogging at different speeds about 120 metres apart.

Sneaking up from behind on those going towards the Brentford end of the bridge was a tubby sofa-proportioned middle-aged lady (in full designer cycling kit of helmet and lycra shorts & shirt) on board an expensive-looking cycle travelling at no more than four or five mph.

Not on the road on my side of the bridge, where she jolly well should have been, but weaving in and out of the pedestrians on the pavement on the other side of the bridge, scattering them as necessary as she went.

I’m not here going to bother mentioning the complications caused by electrified scooters for adults that also habitually hog pavements. I’m just stating for the record that laws should be enacted immediately banning cycles and these infernal adult scooters from being ridden anywhere but the public roads where they belong.

As supporting evidence for the proposition that PC “wokeists” have wrongly been allowed to take over the world see here for a link to a report by Jacon Thorburn on the latest example of horrendous traffic hold-ups being caused by the cycling lanes springing up all over our major cities, as appears today on the website of the – DAILY MAIL

FEMINISTS AND ADHERENTS OF LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) PERSUASION

Leaving aside the fact that these days you can find feminist extremist activists on both – or should I say “every” – side of the argument over the rights of men, women – and indeed those who have either chosen to declare themselves either somewhere in between and/or are currently “transitioning” from one to the other – the complexities of the supposed different positions sometimes do occasionally give me a smile or two.

Never mind whether those who are transitioning from one gender to another should be allowed to use the gents’ or women’s toilets in public places (depending on which way they’ve chosen to transition), we’ve now got women activists at each other’s throats as to whether the formerly-male – but now allegedly “female” – athlete Laurel Hubbard should be allowed to compete in the women’s weight-lifting events at this year’s Japanese Olympics, as is currently planned.

Separately, of course, as Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has also discovered to her cost, nobody is allowed to point out that e.g. only those born as female can have actually babies – a statement that is apparently criminally insulting to any muscle-bound forty-something bloke with a full beard and moustache who wakes up one day and decides he’s now a lady.

See here for a report by Bhvishya Patel on the case of law student Lisa Keogh who, in her final year at Abertay University in Dundee, is being pilloried for having had the effrontery to point out in public that women are physically weaker than men – see here – as also appears on the website of the – DAILY MAIL


One of the issues that beset our political masters in this age of “wokery” is that of seeking to develop policies that at one and the same time both resonate with those who can find supposedly politically-correct offence at every turn in Britain’s past – cue here a reference to the current practice of vilifying anybody in history who supposedly once had the slightest family relationship with colonialism and/or slavery (prompting campaigns to remove of statues and changing the names of educational establishments and/or streets and roads) – and yet also remain relevant to the needs, views and attitudes of “ordinary people”.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has his travails at the moment in the wake of the nationwide results in the recent Hartlepool bye-election – and  also the mayoral and local government elections – but according to a recent poll he’s also going to find it difficult to “re-connect” with a large proportion of Labour’s former “red wall” constituencies – see here for a link to a report upon said poll by Glen Owen, political editor, as appears today upon the website of the – DAILY MAIL







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