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Day three

We are now fully settled and into our routine. No complaints from the party of sunburn, mosquito bites,upset tummy and generally we like the hotel.

After our morning dip, we made our early morning walk into the Marina. It was noticeable that much was closed. I had forgotten how it was in the UK before Sunday trading. I imagine as a Catholic country observance of the Lord’s Day was more rigid. Bob had read of a bar/restaurant but it now seemed to be a land-fill site. There is much construction despite the regulations of maximum two storeys so perhaps the land was reclaimed. It was noticeable how clean and well spaced out the Marina is.

It even had a large public pool.

We have not been that ambitious in our exploration but on Wednesday we are booked into a tour of Cesar Manrique’s Lanzarote and tomorrow we are meeting my local friends for lunch.

We are on holiday after all and the group seems happy to chill out on the room balcony in the afternoon, read or whatever until we reconvene for dinner. Most of the buffet is served on platters and cold. I’ve discovered where hot food is prepared which is the best option.

I have also discovered the local wine called Formera is really rather good. I must recommend it to Algy.

This said, a buffet in a huge restaurant space with screaming kids is not our idea of dining and I don’t think it will be too long before we break out.

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