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Djokovic on course

One play in the French Open final defined why Novak Djokovic might well win the GOAT (Greatest of all Time ) debate.

He was two sets down to Stefanos Tsitsipas, 12 years his junior, and he has never come back in a Major final with that deficit.

Tsitsipas played an exquisite drop shot at the net.

The Serb dashed across court and with an open racquet glided the ball past Tsitstipas to win the point.

He took the third set – and the next two – to win the French open for the second time. He now has 19 Majors, one behind Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal and is the first player in the Open era to have won every Major twice.

He may well win all four majors this year and for good measure add an Olympic gold.

Yet for all this he remains respected rather than loved.

He does not have the grace of Federer on court nor his stylish charm off it. Nadal is more dashing.

Yet there is no fault in the Djokovic’s game.

He is on course for more Majors.

Bjorn Borg, Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi were serial major winners but not on every surface.

Roland Garros crowned a new Ladies Champion in Barbara Krejcikova.

Tennis is in a good state of with 3 players dominating the men’s game for a decade but, post Serena Williams, the Ladies game is up for grabs.

Naomi Osaka is probably the best.

Personally I never think post-match interviews are that interesting.  In football the interviewed goal scorer invariably says the team performance is all.

They are useful for journos padding out journalist’s copy particularly for the day after report.

Naomi Osaka does not have a great record at Roland Garros and comes across as wimpish for refusing interviews but there were more interesting tennis stories to tell.

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