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We are now all settled which raises another Rust travel debate as to whether you return to the same place or explore new ones.

I am in the latter category and for that reason was never attracted to a second overseas home. Aside from the commitment you are subject to currency fluctuations and local rules and taxes. France, for example, has a wealth tax on second homes levied on individuals not companies.

The flat is spacious and easily able to accommodate my p/a Polly who flew out for the weekend. What makes a good guest? One feature I look for is self-sufficiency. Polly set off every day for a run along the Baie Des Anges and in the flat succeeded in being both unobtrusive and sociable.

In fine weather, the French head south to the Mediterranean and on a Sunday Nice can get very crowded.

Hearing Italian in the street and on the Prom, I guess too that people from Genoa and the Ligurian coast also visit for the day or weekend.

All the more reason not to move from my favoured position on the balcony surveying Nice.

I particularly enjoy the sunset.

Daffers nipped down the market and created a divine fruit salad from produce she brought that day from our favourite stall holder Therese.

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