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Great Dixter Gardens

Yesterday I visited Great Dixter Gardens.

These are the brainchild of gardener and writer Christopher Lloyd now under the stewardship of Fergus Garrett and the Great Dixter Charitable Trust. I was disappointed.

The first negative is that the Gardens are not that accessible.

They are to be found to the north of Hastings in a place called Northam.

At Polegate we were gridlocked by road works around the town.

Then the satnav sent us round the houses till we got so fed up we relied on our own navigation and scanty signage.

The house, actually three, in the Tudor style was closed and the gardens grouped  densely round it.

This meant that the pathways were extremely narrow.

I was waiting for them to burst into open meadows or a peaceful mere but no such luck.

At one point I had to walk gingerly between two bushes of stinging nettles.

The flora and  fauna were disappointing.

Perhaps post-Covid more would be open and the one way route less circuitous.

The day was salvaged by a pleasant return journey via Hastings, Bexhill and Eastbourne.

All would make and possibly did superb settings for an Agatha Christie dramatisation.

The Seven Sisters by Eastbourne, an international suicide destination, were particularly fine.

I would recommend Wakehurst, Nymans Gardens and Sheffield Park and in West Sussex Petworth House more enthusiastically than Great Dixter.

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