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Modern consumer practice

Yesterday I had 3 consumer issues ( a word I hate) which are worthy of being shared with the readership.

The first is cancelling a payment after a free trial or test period. A few months ago I did a cull of theses payments but this is by no means easy as they are neither direct debits nor standing orders but taken from your credit card. However despite my bank giving notice of cancellation payments were still being taken.

The second was a letter of renewal of my medical insurance premium. This had increased by 65% for which I received neither notice nor explanation. I called the company ( Saga) listened to “Message in a Bottle” many times before I was put though to an assistant who only did motor renewals. I was duly passed to another , listened to more 70s music to be informed there was a ‘computer issue’ as their computers were 40 years old. “ So the payment you demanded was totally incorrect then? “. No answer. For me the issue is simple: no one checks computer generated letter. I should have received a clear schedule properly checked . Supposing it was a direct debit ? The Rust is campaigning for companies and firms to check computer generated letters before their despatch.

Third, is visit to the Apple Store. I wanted a back up charger for my iPad having mislead or forgotten the only one on two overseas trips.

The old iPad was charged by the mobile charger. The new one requires a different charger. Price £48. Now neither upgraded mobile nor iPads have a jack for ear phones . You need an adaptor. Cost £ 25.

The Apple business strategy is clear; every time they upgrade additional extras are required but never advertised.

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