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More internet travails

The subject of Internet frustration is one which regularly fills up our pages. I experienced this big time yesterday with a booking I made through British Airways Holidays to the West Indies.

I duly completed my registration a few months ago and paid a deposit online. Having heard nothing at all, I called them up.

A helpful assistant informed me I had paid too much for my business class flight as I could have a semi-flexible one saving me £2000.

He cancelled the one booked and reissued the new one, but again I received no confirmatory email other than one for the cancellation.

I was told everything was on “Manage My Account” on the website which it was not.

Feeling the balance might be due, I called them again. On each occasion I listened to every note of their theme song and was directed to the website hanging on for about 30 minutes. I was told the balance was due, paid it, and that I would get a confirmatory email.

This never came.

I called them again yesterday, hung on for 30 minutes, and was then told that I had the wrong reference and that they had taken down my email incorrectly.

I asked them to send me the tickets and hotel vouchers.

This they could not do. British Airways once stood for the highest standard of service, now it tails lamentably behind the Gulf airlines and Virgin for transatlantic.

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