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More woes of the digital age

Frustration in the digital age is a well-worn topic in The Rust – so much so that the reader must find it as tedious as the writer. I will be as concise as possible and offer my theory why it happens.

My mobile banking app often produces an unprompted notice of ‘version info’.

This blocks out the whole app.

It has an “ok” button but, once depressed, it immediately returns. I have to apply that age-old solution of switching off and on.

The same mobile often goes to horizontal – I believe the phrase is landscape-mode.

No reason and even by moving the mobile around it does not shift.

My iPad frequently does not respond to touch and reverts to a setting with the margin so far to the left as to make a third of the content unviewable.

My theory is that both these machines are now more than 3 years old, have built in obsolescence, thereby forcing a fresh contract for a new mobile or a new iPad.

Like many Rusters I resent a personal service being transferred to the website.

When I often in vain search for a human and in calling hang on for 15 minutes listening to music I would rather not hear I don’t wish to be told  either “Your call is important to us” or “Many of your questions can be answered on our website”.

Yesterday, as a Wimbledon debenture holder – which costs a pretty penny – I only wanted to know when the tickets will be released.

I could not find such information without logging in and, when I did, on each occasion I was told my password was invalid.

I changed it three times.

Eventually I spoke to a human and complained that I bet the age profile of the average debenture holder was 60-plus and someone who did not grow up in the internet age.

As a school friend of mind so aptly put it:

We are the generation that went from no knowledge to Word for Windows overnight …

In my case it left me with alarming gaps.

Only very recently did I learn to scan by camera for example.

Rule One of the New York Stock Exchange is know your client.

Sadly so many service providers do not.

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