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One good turn deserves another

A good friend of mine who, even in his eighties, has never stopped working is now presenting his own show on the radio network Boom which concentrates on Sixties music and the disc jockeys are from that era.

My friend “ Diddy” David Hamilton worked on Radio 1 and Radio 2.

Others, like Graham Dene and Nicky Horne, were presenting on Capital. Many started their career on the pirate radio ship Radio Caroline which defined a new era of music presentation.

I enjoyed David’s Boom midday show.

He has a warm voice and a deep knowledge of music so he intersperses the songs with the stories of the singers and bands.

It brought back many memories and I duly emailed him my appreciation. He was kind enough to mention me in his last two shows.

Okay, I have a personal interest – which I declare – but I genuinely believe that anyone who was around in the Sixties would enjoy reconnecting with the wonderful music of that decade through Boom radio.

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