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A private cellar tasting

Yesterday I attended a private cellar tasting organised by a local Wine School.

I enjoy these events where participators bring their own choice of wine.

Mine was a Slovenian red bottled by Dveri Pax which went down well.

My neighbour, who was clearly a wine connoisseur and was anxious you should know this, brought a Chateau Haut Brion 1924 – that’s 98 years old – and still drinkable, though fading as the bottle was opened, and a superb Chateau Gillette Sauternes.

Of The 12 wines sampled, 4 were from local vineyards ranging from sparkling to white, after which we then tasted reds from the New and Old World and – I have to day as I write this – I still have a heavy head!

It’s a sign of the times that upon arriving early I sat at the table on my own to be joined by a bearded monster who did not return my greeting but immediately pulled out his mobile.

He was joined by three lively ladies to his left, one of whom was perpetually on her mobile showing her friend the latest video on Tic Toc.

I really don’t get this.

Wine tasting should be sociable.

Further, my neighbour who had contributed so generously lost his audience in explaining his wines.

As usual, about an hour and six wines into the tasting, the room was more than merry.

The bearded monster now had his arm around the back of his neighbour’s chair (one of the lively ladies) and his wife – to his left – did not look amused.

The other problem, aside from over use of mobiles, was that there were only two cheeses by way of sustenance and wine is always better enjoyed and paired with fine food.

Nonetheless it was an interesting and worthwhile evening.

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