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Prosecco has so swamped the UK bubbles market that it now outsells champagne and we are its largest  importer. It’s not as if the surge was caused by an inspired advertising campaign as happened with Cinzano and Campari  in  the seventies. It became popular by selling cheap to supermarkets and its popularity amongst women. Of the 24 people in our tasting group last Wednesday 21 were women. Prosecco comes from  the north east of Italy, the Veneto and Friuli regions. The derivative grape is called Glera. 440 million bottles are produced annually.

I must admit to being no fan. We tasted 8 and I could not really differentiate between them.

Each had the same citric taste and lively tangy finish but champagne it was not.

I would prefer say a Cremant de Limoux, the same price level but more elegant.

Our instructor was an ambassador for Prosecco promoting one brand which does did not have an importer which does not indicate objectivity and fancied himself as a bit of a comedian.

His brief was to advocate prosecco as more than second class champagne but he did not convince me.

Cheap champagne at social celebrations is one of my bugbears but I still prefer the traditional sparkler. Worse, I have seen prosecco priced at £32 in restaurants which is an unjustifiable mark-up.

For those readers who do enjoy Proseccco I would recommend form the tasting La Marca available from Majestic and Tesco at £11.99.


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