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Tomorrow amongst much relief from the paralysis that is the UK at the moment I am leading a Rusters Tour to Provence. It’s a wine and food based weekend and so I will not tread on fellow travellers Algy or Daffers’ toes.

I know Provence well and would liken it to Sussex as it has a picturesque coastline with such resorts as Cassis, Sanary and Bandolier and an interior of fascinating cities like Avignon and Aix -en- Provence not to mention France’s second city and major port Marseille.

It has markets, a cuisine of bouillabaisse, tapenades and olives, the Mistral which blows 139 days in the year, mountains, sea, rocks.

It has inspired the writings of Peter Mayle and the Ridley Scott film A Good Year and the French classics on the cruelty of agrarian life Manon des Sources and Jean de Florette.

We are based in the Luberon not far from Aix.

We are traveling Easyjet. Having checked it online I was informed by email that I had not and need to do so immediately. There are far too many computer-generated reminders that are not up to speed in these digital days. There is too much reliance on internet. There was no phone number to assist me.

If you factor in the strikes, the movement against carbon foot print, modern stressful airports and other delays it is small wonder that aviation travel is suffering and unattractive.

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