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Second Day/Lanzarote

I cannot claim to have suffered a Xmas of family argument, turkey leftovers and boring telly but this was my first festive period in the UK for many years and so I was delighted to sign up for the latest Rust tour with the promise of winter sunshine.

I had never visited the Canary Islands before and had a vision of mass tourism. A person I know locally who is something of a know-all warned me that the four hour charter flight would be unendurable. As with most know-all’s, she was wrong.

Once I had proceeded through the nightmare that is Gatwick – especially the security where I’ve had many a row and one distinguished Ruster once left his iPad – I boarded an Airbus 330 which seemed new and had at most 15% occupancy. I have rarely experienced an easier flight and with the head winds we arrived in Arrecife some 45 minutes early.

You cannot call Lanzarote beautiful with its black volcanic lava, but it has a type of lunar attraction as the ebony stone is integrated everywhere.

On our two walks by the sea I have noted 3 things: it’s calm, clean and uncrowded.

I only passed one walker blaring into her mobile as people strolled peaceably. I say “people” as I saw French, Germans, Spanish, Italians and quite a few Scots. I did not see any litter. There was a market in the Marina – Puerto Rubicon – but it was none too crowded nor full of tat.

Our hotel is a tad too family-orientated for my tastes and the buffet meals are lousy. I will leave Daffers to do her hatchet job but I guess it’s mass catering for all sorts and ages.

It’s disappointing that the hotel does not have a more upmarket menu restaurant. Hotels always have their idiosyncrasies. I went to a table in the restaurant with free wine to be informed this was only for guests on full pension identifiable by a bracelet.

The odd thing is that I have the status to be admitted to the Privilege Lounge where there is a free bar. So I could have helped myself to a glass of wine there and taken it to the restaurant.

There is no directory of services and nothing on the phone informing you of reception etc., however the suite is comfortable enough and I certainly appreciate a large walk -in cupboard.

Polly informs me that young people do not hang up their clothes – these stay in a suitcase – but this is a practice I do not adopt. Also I have witnessed the disappearance of the flannel from the bathroom of modern hotels.

The hotel is categorized as 4 star, I suppose because it has large pool, spa and sporting amenities but that is generous.

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