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Summing up

The trip was a great success despite the heat. Verona is certainly worth a visit for its history, museums, sights, opera and restaurants.

We might have a new Rust debate on tour v solo. The tour was well organised and the combination of a tour manager and lecturer worked well. You can opt out and one couple did but there was a sheep-like element of being herded. You were thrown in with a group with whom you would probably not normally socialise.

Bob complained that much of the conversation to him was interrogative and probing. I thought they were a decent bunch and we all got through it well. I’m always reluctant to exchange addresses – one lady lived near me in Sussex – and did not do so.

A holiday is not just about visiting a place but leaving one behind.

The remainers in our group were happy not to be in the UK for the anointing of Boris Johnson.

The American lady who tended to talk only of New York and her country said it would be impossible for 120,000 registered Republicans to select a President and commit to a policy to which much of the rest of the country was non-aligned.

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