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Call me an old-fashioned, out of touch, curmudgeon if you will – as a Ruster, I guess it comes with the territory – but sometimes the antics of politicians the world over drive me to distraction.

Three articles featuring on the website of the Daily Mail overnight struck me as highlighting exactly why I’m so cynical about the motives of those who govern us.

First up, our much-maligned satirical caricature of a Prime Minister rather in the style of Steve Coogan’s alter ego Alan Partridge – yes, I’m referring to Boris – seems to have excelled himself in launching his latest headline-grabbing plan to turn the UK “green” by 2050.

See here – DAILY MAIL

True to form, Boris is big on hot air, ripe florid language and promises – and totally “gone missing” when it comes to the practicalities of budgets, planning and actually paying for the changes that he (and presumably whichever scientists that he’s been listening to during the past week) have decided are necessary to reach “Net Zero” within three decades.

As proof, here’s (firstly) a link to another article on the website of the Daily Mail today, written by Roger Bisby, a “construction expert”, who explains why he believes that the Prime Minister – as he does with everything his butterfly mind turns to – has totally failed to take on board the practicalities and potential complications of implementing his “developed on the hoof” bold but wild policies including the new technology of “heat pumps”– see here – DAILY MAIL

And, secondly, here’s a piece by Ray Massey on the imminent launch in the UK of the latest Tesla car, a small 4 x 4 – see here – DAILY MAIL

Notwithstanding that, for obvious reasons, building ecologically-friendly motor vehicles – and the development of alternative means of power to fossil fuels – have become fashionable “causes of the moment”, what staggers me is the general failure of our lords and masters to address the simple practicalities of life as it is lived in the 21st Century.

Granted that – in theory at least – no human being alive today (well, perhaps bar out-and-out petrol heads and/or the presenters of motoring programmes) is opposed to the development of “greener” vehicles in which to get around, it beggars belief that two fundamental impediments to a mass move-over to e.g. electric and/or hydrogen powered vehicles are routinely ignored by our politicians.

I’m referring, of course, to the infrastructure required to “keep things moving” (most particularly the need to blanket-cover the UK landscape – in the case of electrically-powered vehicles – with battery-charging points) and the obvious need to “make electric vehicles affordable to the average motorist”.

Don’t get me wrong – I think the new Tesla SUV looks pretty and – if I was offered one gratis – I’d definitely accept it.

However, retailing it at the princely sum of £54,000, with (presumably) extra luxury options to be paid for on top, isn’t exactly calculated to promote the cause of either Tesla or indeed the UK Government’s plan to reach Net Zero by 2050.

To get mass take-up of such things is going to take a lot more than expecting the public to pick up the tab either via being “charged through the nose” whenever they “take on board a green technology” – or, alternatively, by picking up the tab indirectly by paying huge extra taxes.

You’d think that Boris – who, above all, exemplifies the type of politician that revels in electioneering and “playing the game” of getting elected and maybe one day, if they’re is lucky, enjoying the thrill of “getting into power” (without having the faintest clue what to do when they actually get there) – would be acutely aware of the need to “take the public with him”.

The fact he isn’t speak volumes.



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