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The journey home

A few years ago when I had to go Vienna Polly, my p/a, suggested a budget airline as British Airways offered poor value in Club Europe.

Even though I no longer rate BA and would have experienced the aftermath of their strike, I find a budget airline – crammed, cramped and full of screaming toddlers – almost unbearable. You never seem to stop queueing. You queue to check in and drop off bag, you queue for security, you queue to embark.

Although air rage is probably alcoholically induced, the stress of a modern airport does not help. Marseille airport is pretty dreadful and I can see why actor Hugh Laurie in a travel column severely criticised it. The only advantage is we left on time, arrived more or less on time and it’s cheap.

A vignette summed up the arrogance of middle-aged French women which we experienced all holiday.

When I finally got to the head of the queue inappropriately titled “Speedy Boarding” a French woman jumped to its head without a word of excuse and proceed to bombard the airline assistant with questions. It seems to be a national trait of selfishness and “Bugger everybody, I am more important” attitude.

I arrived at chaotic Gatwick exhausted and wondering whether a six day trip is worth such stress.

I am convinced there is still a market for the air traveller that wants his creature comforts.

Nonetheless an enjoyable and successful break once calmly considered.

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