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The Tanner Report: Arsenal 1 Fulham 1

To concede a goal late in the 7th minute of extra time is gut-wrenching but, when it costs you the final lifeline of survival, doubly so.

Had we won we would have closed the gap on Burnley with a game against them.

However a dismal start, and a recent run of poor form and results have really made the drop inevitable.

We did not play badly but after conceding 3 goals in 15 minutes late against Aston Villa we adopted a more cautious approach to defend our lead which invited Arsenal to press forward.

After the game I looked at the Fulham Fans Independent website, some of whom were calling for Scott Parker to go.

They seem to have forgotten that he achieved promotion in the first place, that over 50% of clubs that are promoted to the Premiership via the play-offs are then relegated the next season and the pandemic makes coaching and management so hard.

Others too – not least the players – must accept responsibility and hopefully there will be a thorough review.

Most of the players who achieved promotion are still at the club and  none of the sternest critics of Scott Parker can come up with a feasible alternative.

After the announcement of a possible European super league with 6 English clubs participating I am all the happier for choosing Fulham as the club embodies more traditional and less mercenary values.

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