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The Tanner Report: FA Cup quarter final: Manchester United 3 Fulham 1

Two minutes of madness undid 70 minutes of a professional performance.

After 70 minutes Fulham were one up and, if not coasting, looking the likelier side to play Brighton in the semi-finals.

At that point I felt confident enough to message Ivan Conway, but then it all unravelled hopelessly.

Firstly, Willian stopped a goal with his hand. After consulting the VAR monitor, referee Chris Kavanagh awarded a penalty and red-carded Willian.

Then the mayhem ensued.

It seemed the correct decision.

Yet the incensed Alex Mitrovic clearly shoved the referee and coach Marvo Silva had strong words with him. Both were also red-carded.

Fulham’s cause – with only 9 men left on the pitch and no coach off it – was hopeless.

United finished comfortable winners.

This all impacts on the Premier season as the red cards count. It’s so sad as it’s been such a successful season and up to the 90 seconds of madness Fulham had played so well.

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