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Gin tasting /part two

I enjoyed meeting J.S. Bird on HMS Tickler. To complete the circle here are a few gins I enjoy not on J. S. Bird’s list:

Gin Mare

This is a gin distilled south of Barcelona best drunk with Fevertree Mediterranean tonic. As Bob explained when he dispensed this gin with great flourish, Fevertree is an incredible success story. The premium mixers company have risen 500% in value since they floated on the AIM market and needless to say Bob was an early investor. It’s refreshingly tangy gin more florid than the drier gins.

The Botanist

This gin is distilled in the Isle of Islay more the home of malt whiskies.

It’s rich in varietals, more minerally in flavour, and with it I would recommend the Fevertree cucumber tonic.


Hendricks is to gin what Grey Goose is to vodka. It’s very expensive but some connoisseurs of gin consider it too sweet.

It’s still the fashionable gin to drink with a twist of cucumber.

On board HMS Tickler was Bob’s charming and resourceful p/a Polly. She said that what has been done with gin can be replicated with sherry. Her plan was to open up a hip Sherry bar with glamourous waiters and waitresses and small decanters serving Manzanilla, Fino and Amontillado at huge prices.

Finally, two tips: gin must always be served cold so it’s a good idea to refridgerate the bottle and – after mixing the g & t – give it a vigorous twirl to aerate the bubbles …