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Women in the media

Please pardon me for bringing this piece by Ron Liddle as appears today upon the website of the Daily Mail.

Normally Mr Liddle’s offerings – flowing as they do from the pen of someone straight from Central Casting as the type of old-fashioned Lunchtime O’Booze Fleet Street hack that, not only these days, is so easily lampooned for being a throw-back to the bad old days of yesteryear – are given but scant attention by me.

However, today I chose to read this one from start to finish because its contents seemed to chime with those of us (also known as the ‘silent majority’) who feel that the BBC and other organs of the nation’s media have been taken over by left-leaning campaigners with a relentless politically-correct agenda.

I leave Rusters to form their own views as I provide a link to said piece here – DAILY MAIL

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