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A la Colthard: Nice food & drink

We have only visited 2 restaurants so far so I’m going to concentrate here more on the food and drink of Nice.

Every morning we send Bob off to his beloved market le Cours Saleya and he returns with an abundance of fruit and vegetables of the highest quality.

We have our breakfast of croissants, freshly squeezed orange juice and nespresso coffee on the balcony which sadly is still chilly in the morning.

After a brisk walk along the Promemade des Anglais and a visit to an excellent wine shop Capodoglio we return for lunch.

The best wine comes from nearby Bandol in Provence and the French are huge rosé drinkers. I like the Galatin rosé best or the Chateau Rasque.

This is about €17 in the cave (in the wine shop) and three times that in the restaurant. We accompany it with ham and salads.

Much of our conversation is the relationship between us Brits and the French.

In my opinion they are more stylish and have better food and drink but moan more. They are also incredibly sexy!!!!

Sex is a great divide between the Brits and les Francais. The Brits are a bit offended and prurient about sex but more curious, hence the gossipy reveals of the tabloids.

Brits want to read about it along as someone else is involved. Hence the success of the tabloids and the play “No Sex please , we’re British”.

The French don’t just accept it as part of life but embrace it and the cult of the mistress. Our flat is set in a posh street of apartment blocks but there is a dubious sauna – I’ve yet to be tempted(!!!) – and hostess club in it.

Maybe there is something to be said for the British sangfroid and stiff upper lip as the French get easily carried away – as with the demonstration last Thursday, to be repeated on the 13h April.

We have visited two restaurants – le Safari in the market which is something of a Nice institution and ‘Alice and I’ near the main station.

This was launched by two friends of mine.

The food was delicious – I had steak tartare and baked apple with chantilly and Marlene, the managress/greeter, worked very hard.

It only had 6 tables and I know more than most the skills required to make a restaurant profitable. I wish them luck!

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