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A solution – advancement by simplification?

In the modern world of ‘Fake News’ and indeed ‘However loony you are, you can always find someone peddling your type of rubbish on the internet …’, hopefully not all Rusters come to their favourite organ of the media just to seek reaffirmation for their own bigoted and/or uneducated perception of the world.

Nevertheless, some readers may have joined me this week in shaking my head in disbelief at the reports that World Rugby – rugby union’s world governing body – has apparently become a fully-paid-up member of the subservient PC-brigade with its announcement that (in the cause of gender equality) in future all elite women’s rugby union tournaments will lose the word ‘Women’ from their titles:

See here for a representative report by Gerard Meagher that appears upon the website of – THE GUARDIAN

Considering the matter today as I arrived at my computer I couldn’t quite work out whether this is just the latest and rather unfortunate (not to say laughable) manifestation of a misguided reaction to the unstoppable “woke” Millennial Generation campaign now dominating the world, or (alternatively) a subtle and very carefully planned further notch down the road that we in the Rust’s sports department have been pointing out may be the only logical ultimate destination of the ‘sporting gender equality’ imperative.

In short: the proposition that true equality between the sexes – or indeed all genders if we’re encompassing everything non-binary – will only arrive when there are no women-only events, sports or tournaments, but only elite versions thereof into which entry is universal and the gender of participants is irrelevant.

The Rust line, of course, is simple and straightforward.

If a woman, or anyone else, wants true equality – then let them have it.

As a quick and easy solution to the problems now arising around the world in the context of gender ‘self-identification’ and transgender issues generally – it is also a no–brainer.

See next below for two examples of the knots the world of sport can get itself into when those promoting female sports get into a tangle with those who have decided to transition from male to female (or vice versa) and arrive at their new ‘station in life’ inherently armed with certain physical advantages (or not, as the case may be):

Firstly, a report by Miles Dilworth on the case of cricketer Maxine Blythin which appears upon the website of the – DAILY MAIL

Secondly, a report by Ceri Coleman-Phillips on the example of Kelly Morgan, now making her way in Welsh rugby, as appears on the website of – BBC SPORT

Surely, presumably with issues such as these – and similar – bound to pile up with increasing frequency in the future, the sooner ‘true equality’ is implemented the better?

Why bother to have female-only golfing or tennis “Majors” or “Grand Slam” events? Why not save a whole heap of money and complications by, for example, just having “THE US OPEN” … instead of  separate male and female ones? Or even why have separate Olympic events and/or even Games … why not “THE 100 METRES FINAL” … or indeed “THE (anything) EVENT” encompassing all genders, instead of (as now) distinct gender-based versions … and indeed completely separate Olympics and Paralympics tournaments?

Wouldn’t true equality for women, transgender – and indeed disabled sportsmen and sportswomen – only arrive when they all play or compete together in a single gathering?

It would also become  a great deal easier and cheaper to organise these ‘repeating ‘ sporting gatherings … and also more eco-friendly.

I am only asking the question.

Meanwhile, some others are not so sure about all this PC-conformity and campaigning:

See here for the views of Catherine Spencer, former captain of the England Women rugby team, writing upon the website of the – DAILY TELEGRAPH


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