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Cleaners of the world unite.

There is no doubt about it –  there is a universal cleaners’ mentality.

Here in this flat the partner of the concierge cleans once a week. Yesterday she did so.

After she left, there was much we could not find as cleaners tend to put stuff away in places they know, but not the user.

Further, you pretty much know that, whatever space you want to occupy, the cleaner will be in it first.

Another issue which may be of more interest to readers is the state of France.

I had lunch with my late mother’s best friend – a French widow once married to a publishing entrepreneur.

She is well-informed and advised me of the pension reforms achieved in other countries without bringing the country to a standstill e.g. in Italy they raised the pension age to 69.

There is a trait of inconsiderate selfishness which you encounter all the time, epitomised by the guide book phrase “the waiter seems to have abandoned us”.

Twice this morning I had to queue to pay whilst the vendor busied himself with other activities.

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