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No airport chaos to report

Yesterday the National Rust Nice Group convened for the much postponed trip to Nice.

I must immediately state there were no queues nor delays and – in over 50 years travelling to the Riviera – this was one of my  smoothest journeys.

The only complaint was the Easyjet anomaly that, although it is free to bring a large suitcase on the plane, to put it in the hold cost £48.

Surely it should  be the other way round?

Aside from this, we breezed through security and – despite the scary press reports of 90 minutes delays and cancellations of flights 10 minutes before departure – we took off on time and actually arrived 10 minutes early.

I snapped a few shots from the plane as we approached the Southern France coastline.

Upon arrival, despite much bumf to upgrade the NHS travel app and the EU locator form, there were no demands for any documentation.

It was wonderful to drive along the Promenade des Anglais, the turquoise Bay of Angels to our right and the elegance of the Negresco to our left.

Our flat is in the same block as usual with a double balcony overlooking the sea.

It’s older in style than our previous one but perfectly comfy and well-appointed.

In the late afternoon we strolled the Promenade des Anglais and took an early meal in the old Town.

There you see something you do not in the UK – people gathering in cafes in the sunshine in squares to enjoy an aperitif.

Good to be back!

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