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I have already written now amazed and disturbed I am by the degree of fan dislike of Bryan Ruiz. Clearly a sensitive flower, it scarcely helps to raise his game if he has to  hear constant criticism from  his own fans. The transfer never really worked out and  joins the list of £10m plus forwards who never justified their tag: Marlet, Johnson Mitroglou. I do not include McCormack though disappointed by his goal tally as he works hard for the team and is a goal provider .

Bryan’s  injury time header won the game for us yesterday after 3 straight defeats in which he did not feature so the stats answer the critique. His contract is up at the end of the season and no doubt the money men wants his wages off the bill as soon as possible. His agent will probably advise  him to stay out his contract and negotiate best terms on what Joe Kinnear used to call a  Bosnian. Personally I will miss him as  he is class act and one of the few players that you would pay to watch.

We are now pretty close to  safety which after one point in the first seven games under Magath is some relief. However  taking one step back, we have  the parachute payment, a wealthy chairman, a core of players who have international honours and played at a higher level and a productive Academy. Aside from the win the most satisfying part was that seven of the  starting players yesterday were 24 or younger. Yet every time we have come up against a top six team we have been beaten , in  some games  significantly so. Bournemouth, Brentford and Watford all play better football than us. If you think should they get promoted they would struggle in  the premier this marks and charts the decline of Fulham who were a mid table top flight side who reached a Europa Final.

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After a distinguished military service in the Catering Corps, Alan Tanner did well in mufti with his chamois as a window cleaner. Sadly he had to retire after falling from the fifth floor of Danny Murphy's mock Tudor home. He spends his retirement watching and writing about his beloved Fulham whom he has supported for over 50 years. The Alan Tanner Report is sponsored by Tanner Crystal Clear Ltd, Window Cleaners to the Gentry. More Posts

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  1. Avatar photo sundays_are_for_il_viola // January 18, 2015 at 8:42 am //

    I haven’t double-checked this one, but read recently that we haven’t won a match this season without Ruiz featuring. Supporters criticising their own players is a national disease. I think the main reason some of these knuckleheads turn up is to slag their team. It’s a strange form of sado-masochism: sadistic need to see their own team struggle with a masochistic verbal response.

    Alan, what point total do you expect our mighty Whites to achieve this season?

    • Avatar photo The National Rust // January 18, 2015 at 9:20 am //

      Good comments. I’m afraid supporters have pet hates which fails to account for that elusive quality form.

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