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Why can’t I be left alone to be ancient and normal?

Every time the subject of sex is raised I know before I begin airing my opinions that I’m going to cop flak for coming across like an old fuddy-duddy. I’m therefore torn between resignedly just bowing to the inevitable, trying to deflect the incoming by admitting the charges before the ‘off’ … and just carrying on regardless.

Let’s just say that – in a modern world in which ‘let it all hang out’ is practically obligatory, rampant sex is the norm and anyone who isn’t doing in nine times per week with multiple partners is dismissed a wimp – I’m rather glad that, as far as anyone under the age of forty is concerned, I’m regarded as completely past it and that my primary daily concern these days is being attacked by gangs of sex-mad grannies and infected against my will with STDs [is that what they call sexually transmitted diseases these days?].

This week, as is my wont, I have been shocked by stories in the media that St Paul’s School for Girls is making special provisions for any of its pupils that might be questioning their positions along the scale of the transgender spectrum – apparently up to ten of their sixth form pupils are thus afflicted – and that this years’ nomination for the British ‘LGBT’ Awards have just been issued:

See here – Siobham Fenton reporting on the website of – THE INDEPENDENT

Not only that, whilst you’re at it, you’d better have a look at this piece on transgender porn by Kashmira Gander, again on the website of – THE INDEPENDENT

I feel this morning as if I’m hunkered down in my basement bunker, watching the world going on above me, and wondering whether the human race has really come to this degree of ‘right on’ PC-correctness.

I just ask the question whether the world is really a better place for all this stuff. Don’t get me wrong – as far as I’m concerned, whatever any individuals, couples or groups decide to get up to between the sheets, or in the privacy of their own hotel rooms, is quite all right by me and indeed no concern of mine.

However, I’m just not sure that the rest of the world needs to be made aware of it, and/or have it thrust before them via media outlets such as the BBC, complete with a reporting undertone suggesting that whatever deviations anyone might have or dream up are all perfectly normal and should be tried out by everyone. With the aftertaste suggestion being that anyone who thereafter remains heterosexual, and indeed happy with their partner and 2.4 children, is a complete weirdo who needs to be forced (sorry, educated) into understanding – and then perhaps trying – all these other ways of living and loving.

(After all, if you’ve never tried putting gravy on your apple tart dessert, how do you know whether you might not like it?).

Er … no thanks. And I don’t eat desserts anyway …




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