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Wines of Provence

Provence is chiefly know for its Roses but in fact produces fine whites and reds especially in the Southern Rhône (Chateauneuf du Pape, Gigondas spring to mind).

The problem is the Mistral high wind. My favorite rose The Rosalie is grown at 600m above the worst of the effects of the Mistral and fermented with a touch of vermentino.

The Miraval and Whispering Angel are better known and more expensive which reflects that in the wine world style can overcome substance.

All roses are fantastically popular and if you visit a Provençal supermarket at least 50% of the wines will be Roses. Along the coastline Bandol and Cassis produce fine wine, whites, roses and red.

I’m certainly looking forward to the trip.

I’m no political expert but the best wine is produced through cooperations, combinations and intuition, we might do with these qualities in Westminster.

It will be interesting also to see how we are perceived. In Nice earlier in the year which is in Alpes Maritimes not Provence the mood was definitely “You’ve made your bed, noe lie in it “, “It’s not our problem” and the more hardline “You are EU wreckers”.

Once the mood was sadness that the UK was leaving as our input would be welcome. Ironically the Houses of Parliament are seen as the model of a functioning democracy. I do fear that over-participation in the grape can set off an acrimonious discussion so Nancy advised us Rusters to keep our views to ourselves.

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